OneTap Feedback is unlike other

customer feedback platforms. Its better.

Several years ago the CEO of a national fast food chain turned to his Business Development Manager to ask “How can we better manage the teams in our remote locations”. The subsequent global search to answer that question ended forlornly … because even the best-of-breed customer feedback platforms only measure delivery. None improve it.

There was a clearly a gap in the market. A need.


So the Business Development Manager grew his own wings to set about building a Management Information System designed exclusively for the unique needs of Ops Managers of multi-site hospitality businesses.


OneTap Feedback was born in 2017.



Its been under constant refinement since, with diverse brands in locations from Maryborough in Queensland to Mildura in South Australia and over 100 regional and metropolitan venues between. Many hundreds of thousands of customers have provided feedback through its kiosks.


The system has proven to build stronger more profitable businesses. It’s ready for surefooted expansion to a limited number of new clients. Its not for everyone. We don’t want it to be.

Management Team

One Tap Feedback is a service provided by a unique combination of passionate human expertise and best-of-breed technology.

Mark Patterson​

                             Founder                               Human resource wrangler 

Mark has just the right amount of grey hair, gained he says through decades of senior management roles in multi-site retail businesses large and small, private and public.


His most recent role in hospitality culminated with it’s listing on the ASX. Since then he has applied his energy and experience to the development of OneTap Feedback.


He imbues a culture of joyful servitude across the business and leads the Mentor Team to nurture continuous improvement at each of OneTap’s customer locations.

Ben “Banger” Wotton​

                  Installations Manager                   Chief problem solver

Possessed of a tradesman’s hands and scientist’s mind, Ben gets it done every time.


The installation of OneTap kiosks is more complex than meets a novice eye. Each kiosk must be located in precisely the right spot. Too close to the POS will skew feedback positively. Slightly beyond arm’s reach of the exit corridor will skew feedback negatively. It’s a Goldilocks thing, must be just right.


And what about the store’s modem range, mains power, trip hazards and aesthetics. Banger is all over it.

Devesh Jain



Devesh is a Chartered Accountant and certified Xero Specialist.


She doesn’t talk much but does a brilliant job with our books.

Technology Team

Adam Ginsburg​

Herculean IT system’s architect

Adam is the founder of OneTap’s technology partner Buzzy Buzz. He holds the Cloud based IT systems together and assumes 24/7 responsibility for the robustness and uptime of OneTaps kiosk connections to its servers and analytics.


Adam is husband, father, surfer, and geek at heart, he co-founded Aptrix Web Content Management which IBM acquired in 2003, where he remained until 2014 when he built Buzzy.


Adam is passionate about making hard tech easy. When he’s not coding you’ll find him with his family, or running events at his local board riders clubs.

Mark Hampton​

Bespoke App Developer

Mark provides the tech savvy needed to match the OneTap Feedback App to the evolving needs of its clients.


No two businesses are the same, nor their challenges, so the OneTap service is bespoke and constantly evolving. Mark is rapidly responsive, with a “can-do” approach to technological solutions.


He is a senior software engineer and architect with background in web and app development, web content management and low/no-code solutions. He currently leads the development team for OneTap at Buzzy Buzz.

Ray Harris​

Black belt Data Visualisation wizard

Normal folk think data is boring, but not our Ray, he thinks a million rows of data code is just more paint for his Tableau canvas.


A Certified Tableau Professional, Ray builds and evolves the actionable ‘at-a-glance” Reports that empower continuous improvement at each layer of management in OneTap’s client businesses.


Based in Frederickson Canada, Ray dreams about this stuff … when he’s not bashing people up on the Ice Hockey rink.

Tim Cook​

Corporate titan

After a failed experiment with Android tablets OneTap now gladly pays the “Apple Tax” to Tim for his rugged and vastly more reliable iPads which have proven to withstand the rigours of use by the general public.


Only the latest iPads can deliver the reliability and connectivity demanded by OneTap’s 100% uptime guarantee.

Jeff Bezos​

Uber rich dude

Jeff’s Amazon Web Services provide the Cloud platform for OneTap’s servers and analytics. The scalability, reliability and governance behind the AWS platform ensures security and peace of mind for OneTap’s clients.


Fact check! OK, it’s true neither Tim or Jeff have attended our staff Christmas parties for a while, but figuratively speaking they are important members of our team. We are proud to declare our service is built upon their best of breed products and services.