Build a stronger more profitable hospitality business.

Be the Operations Manager who thrives on continuous improvement.

OneTap Feedback is a service that guarantees to makes continuous improvement happen.

Much more than just software in the cloud.

OneTap Feedback is a service provided by real humans.
Normal customer feedback systems simply rain pie-charts from the Cloud. We’re different. We add the service of human expertise into the process.

First we painstakingly remove invalid inputs, which requires more than artificial intelligence, it requires real human intelligence too. This step is unique to OneTap, and it’s vital. Why is this vital?

Then we analyse your feedback and tailor personal reports to each venue managers in the context of their unique trajectory of continuous improvement.
These services combine to enable continuous improvement in hospitality businesses. It’s proven to work. That’s why we specialise in hospitality, and that’s why we can guarantee to help build stronger and more profitable businesses.

No matter what type of food and beverage you sell …

you’re in the people business

Staff churn in hospitality demands an ongoing team development process. 1. Retain good people. 2. Develop those with potential. 3. Redirect those who just don’t have what it takes. 4. Repeat. OneTap Feedback will empower the process in ways you haven’t imagined.

We understand the challenges of a hospitality workplace because we’ve been there.  We nuance the tone of our engagement to provide encouragement for progress no matter where it is in the continuous improvement loop. Accountability is seldom popular, but OneTap Feedback is!
How can accountability be popular? Prove it.

Its all about the Reports … that’s where the money is.

We’re not IT geeks, we’re ex Ops Managers just like you. We know what it takes to develop great teams, and we provide the tools to do it more efficiently than ever before. Our system provides a NPS measure of every Area Manager, Venue Manager, Shift Manager and Team Member’s contribution to your customers’ experiences.

That’s right, our analytics will measure the performance of your entire customer facing human resource including shift managers and individual team members. How is this even possible?

Our Reports will provide numerate oversight across your entire network, and create a level of personal accountability that inevitably builds better teams and stronger more profitable businesses.
Show me the reports

OneTap Feedback is a turn-key solution.
We take care of everything. EVERYTHING!

Our process begins with a discovery session to learn about your unique business challenges, and to agree upon rules of engagement with each layer of your management.

Then we get to work building your survey, analytics and Reports, manufacturing your branded kiosks and installing them at each venue.


We also provide a system orientation for your teams and then deliver ongoing 24/7 support. System uptime is our problem … not yours.

No Cap Ex required. No lock-in contract either.

OneTap Feedback provides the kiosks, iPads and software for each location. Its about a thousand dollars worth of kit for each. Your only up-front expense is the installers’ labour and travel cost recovery, typically about $180 per site.

Then all you pay is a small monthly fee. There is no lock in contract. We prefer to prevail on performance, so we’re picky about who we work with. A good fit is important don’t you think?

We’d love to brag about our small monthly fee, but like most elements of our business offer we treat our fee structure with commercial confidence so we only reveal it to qualified enquiries with whom we wish to engage.

Suffice to say our small monthly fee is small, really … and reduces over time.
How small is the fee really?